The Guide to a Healthier Weekend

Are you having trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the weekend? We have all been there: We go to all of our workout sessions and practice our healthy habits during the week. But by the time the weekend comes around, It feels a lot easier to just eat ice cream on the couch. After watching what you eat all week, it's completely normal to want to indulge a little. We need to remember that being truly healthy is a lifestyle choice, and that even during weekends, we can all make healthier choices.

Here are some successful tips to ensure that your weekend doesn't become your WEAK end:

Exercise: The weekend is the perfect time to squeeze in a longer workout. Exercise in the mornings before your weekend plans. You can go for a jog or run at a nearby park you've been wanting to check out! Or schedule a Saturday Morning session at EFW.

Limit your alcohol and soda consumption: The high calories in alcohol and soda can add up quickly. Limit the amount of alcohol and sodas- or try to find a healthy alternative drink. For every drink that you have, drink a full glass of water.

Preview the menu: Before going out to eat, always preview the menu. This will help you make healthier choices and will shut down any temptations of unhealthy options. Try to order something that is steamed, grilled, or baked. Try to order a lean meat, such as chicken, and a side of vegetables.

Get some sleep: Sleep is extremely important and has many healthy benefits such as weight loss, mood, and energy levels. Try to go to bed at the same time you usually go to sleep during the week. This will help you stay on the same schedule.

Don't go hungry to an event or outing: Eat a healthy meal before you go to an event or outing. It makes it less difficult to say no to unhealthy temptations.

Do something active: Go Outside! Enjoy the sun and connect with nature. Being outside will give you a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Schedule some self care time: Make some time for yourself. Take a bath, read, write in a journal, make yourself a cup of hot tea and relax. Self care is extremely important to clear your mind, cope with stress, and improve your overall well-being.

Create your meal plan: Prep for the week ahead! This will help you stay on track over the weekend and help you go into the week with a plan.

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